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Michelle Obama's legacy, ivf and frankness about relationship treatments


Michelle Obama's memoir is on display today. & # 39; My Story & # 39 ;. In her book, which she wrote after she moved from the White House, she has many notable revelations.

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Michelle, Linda de Mol, LINDA. – The only people who read the book in advance in the Netherlands due to an exclusive interview with editor Jildou van der Bijl and interviewer Antoinnette Scheulderman.


Michelle, now 54, talks about her legacy in her childhood, & # 39; I feel physically wrecked and all the optimism we have. Because of her feelings, she is now doing her best to provide more information about heritage.


Michelle began administering drugs to sequester and stimulate her ovaries. It made money. She conceived again and gave birth to her first child, Malia. Michelle later said that her second daughter, Sasha, was born through ivf because her egg production had decreased again, "one ivf treatment, free delivery with very simple pregnancy and trouble-free".

Fighting with the Night Owl

There have been many changes since my child arrived. As Sasha and Malia got bigger, there was more to hurry and the more things to do, the more top equipment was created. In the evening, Michelle was demolished and she fought at night with jokes. The person who tried to get a seat in the US Senate during that time.

Relationship therapy

"When Barak returned home, he felt scared or irresponsible, and I turned off all the lights in the house and slept." Despite the two remaining together, their frustration became more regular and intense. Solution: Treat relationship. That gave rise to new insights. "I understand now that even happy marriages can have difficult times, which is the best renewable contract over time."

Trump gets it.

She is also very famous in a book about President Barack's successor, Trump. She called it "female enthusiast" among them. When I heard a sound, my body was angry and shaky. She was notorious Catch him at his house.– office. As for his victory in the election: "I did not want to know anything about it as far as I could (…) I am angry at what is going on."

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