Sunday , April 18 2021

Music can eliminate pain and anxiety in the hospital.

La-la-la-la-la. Today is music therapy day. Marianne van der Heijden, a researcher at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, found that music can eliminate pain and anxiety in hospitals.

You probably know it: When you listen to happy songs, you are happy. And listening to melancholy songs can get a little sad. Van der Heijden investigated whether music is used as a medicine for children. "The heartbeat of the children went down through the music, and the breathing slowed down. They were comfortable and less painful and not afraid of it."

Music before and after bad music

A music therapist usually uses a guitar, piano, or drum kit. & # 39; If someone is angry with research or surgery, the therapist adjusts the music accordingly. If the patient says "Waah, waah, waah," then the therapist does. And they can solve their anger themselves. Many children forget their anger or sorrow. "

Bad music

Music offers distractions among annoying stingers and rhetoric. "Then you can see and hear the musician instead of the people in the white coat, doing something horrible. Because you are confused, you may feel more calm and sore."

Below you can see how the music therapist works.

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