Thursday , June 1 2023

Olympic athletes do not need vaccinations | now


Athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics next summer are not obligated to get the coronavirus vaccine. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) gives athletes the freedom to make decisions.

IOC chairman Thomas Bach said during his visit to Tokyo Tuesday that “the essential vaccinations are a step too far” while looking to see if the Japanese capital is on track for hosting the Olympics.

“This is a matter of individual health, the health status of each athlete and the availability of the vaccine. We will appeal to athletes to get vaccinated. This is an expression of respect for our fellow athletes. And the Japanese organization “

Bach is working for four days in Tokyo, where the Olympics were scheduled to be held last summer. A year was delayed due to the corona crisis and all plans had to be redone.

However, the IOC, the Japanese government and the Tokyo organization have decided to keep the event going and are preparing a number of steps to keep the Olympics safe for participants and spectators.

“We will take all necessary precautions to make our athletes feel safe and comfortable,” said Bach, who already promised on Monday that the IOC will do its best to provide approved vaccines to all participants in the Olympics.

Thomas Bach visited Tokyo’s National Stadium. (Photo caption: Pro shot)

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