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Pathé management finance, playfully torn apart


The fact is that the judge of the District Court of Amsterdam was published on Friday. He had to decide the case in which Slater protested the dismissal. Slutter was partially on the right. The judge allowed the employment contract to be dissolved on December 1.

Slutter was previously an accountant at KPMG for many years, and Meijer served as Managing Director of the Amsterdam Port for seven years. After the fraud was discovered by the French parent company in March, they were suspended. Meijer has only been in film business for a year. Pathé has 28 cinemas with the largest filmmaker in the Netherlands.


An elaborate fraud game started on March 8, 2018 with an email to Meijer from Pathie's parent company. Since then the mail came from a fake e-mail address. The first visible email address ended at, but there was a different address. Mail said: "Hello, you (…) this morning from KPMG (…" Hello, did KPMG contact you? ")

Meijer asked her secretary if she knew this to Slutter's finance director. Slutter said this was not the case. Then there was an email exchange between Meijer and the scammers, who sent a copy of her bank account.

On the same day, the fake CEO announced that Meijers needed help in acquiring a company headquartered in Dubai. "Transactions must be strictly confidential. No one has to know what is happening in our business" ("The transaction must be kept strictly confidential and no one needs to know it, so it benefits from the competition.")) .

down payment

The request was to make a deposit of € 826.521 to the company in the Netherlands. The fake senior man ordered the so-called KPMG employee, who was handed over to Meijer, to ask for his account number.

Some of the secrets are that Meijer does not contact the CEO or other people over the phone. "My personal email is the only means of communication," the command said. She claimed a fatal result. Her financial director, Slutter, who was closely involved in the case, reached out with open eyes. Meijer was not entirely sure. "Strange, is not?" She mailed it to Slutter.

After the first payment, € 2,479,563 has been transferred at the request of the & # 39; top & # 39; A large number of Tranche de Hussain, a total of 19,244,304 euros from the Netherlands.

On March 28, the fake CEO solemnly promised to return the amount withdrawn solemnly. "On that same day, according to a report from the district court, a question came from France about the amount of cash needed." During the same day phone consultation, it became clear that Pathé had become a victim of the so-called CEO fraud. It means fraud that pretends to be another person.

Both Pathé were almost inactive by the French parent Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé.

Company survey

According to a study by a company investigator cited by the commander, "These people have not been proven to have a knowledge of fraud." Pathé was the target of professional gangsters who had gained the trust of some Pathé staff through professional communication. Seems to. "

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