Saturday , August 13 2022

Students try the longest beer box legs.


Civil engineering at Twente University (UT) 40 students built a 28 meter-long beer box bridge, a project that has been working for months. Since this week they have been building on a university campus to set new records on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, scaffolding supporting the bridge is removed during construction. If the beer box leg can be secure for at least an hour without any help, the record attempt is successful.

new attempt

These record attempts were made eight years ago at the University of Twente but failed. "Each year the CondepT study group holds a new research meeting and puts the research and the association in a positive light.The last attempt Enschede attempted was in 2010 and it failed at that time so we thought it was a good idea to start the fight again" Kelt Garritsen (20) president of the Krattenbrug Committee said in an advertisement last week.

The current record is in the hands of the Eindhoven University of Technology, which was able to build a 26.69 meter beer box bridge in 2016. In recent years, bridge construction was primarily a battle between the Eindhoven Institute of Technology and TU Delft.

Photo: Reinier van Willigen

7576 box Grolsch

7576 crates of Grolsch, the famous beer brewery in Enschede, were used for construction. It's about both empty boxes and water-filled boxes. "And no, we did not drink it first, everyone asked that question, and Grolsch is glad to cooperate on this issue, which is a bit of a prestigious battle for the Twente area and Grolsch is part of it," says Garritsen .

The record attempt is not a Guinness Book of World Records but a pure Dutch university.

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