Wednesday , April 14 2021

Two explosives now found in Almere's Grote Markt

Police found two explosives available at Grote Markt in Almere on Thursday morning. Explosives Clearance Service (EOD) investigates whether explosives are actually contained.

The first explosive was found at the bank's ATM at Grote Markt, the heart of Almere.

At 10:30 am, the police reported that the second was found.

The police will close the entire Grote Markt and all access to the Grote Markt will be closed and monitored.

According to a police spokesman, Grote Markt is not only closed, but it may be empty at some point, but not yet.

Broadcast Flevoland A police helicopter reported that they were going around Grottamckt.

In the case of cash machines, explosives are regularly deployed and then garbage is frequently put into service. Whether this applies to Almere is unknown.

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