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18 year old shark tank participant, $ 530,000 per year

Most teens blow some steam after high school. Instead, Morgan Hipworth soon returned to work.

For decades, an 18-year-old student has studied with Bistro Morgan, a donut institution in Windsor, Melbourne.

When I finished HSC last year, the entrepreneur was thrilled. Because he was able to spend more time in a thriving A $ 500,000 ($ 539,000) year business.

"It is much easier to finish school. Last year, the school collapsed and I was so busy that I don't know how to adapt to the school," he told

"I try to have time to go to the gym in the morning or afternoon, but I really like to do it.

"It's a job but it feels like a hobby. If there's nothing to do at home, you'll start working again because you don't have to work from day to day if you find a job you love."

Hipworth was "obsessed" with a baking and cooking show when he was seven years old, but at the age of thirteen he had lunch with his mother Eli and then had a first break after talking with the cafe owner.

He has been serving cafes for brownies, cakes, and slices every day for several years, but in the ninth grade he seized the opportunity to open a pop-up store selling 10,000 donuts in a week.

In December 2016, Bistro Morgan opened in the same location as a permanent shop, and last May he welcomed Naomi Simson and Janine Allis judges at the premiere of Season 10 Shark Tank.

In addition, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom categorized young entrepreneurs with 71,000 strong social media as "one in a million".

Hipworth appeared in Channel 10's shark tanks last year. Photo / provide
Hipworth appeared in Channel 10's shark tanks last year. Photo / provide

But despite his success and seriously impressive annual sales, Hipworth said he had experienced "a lot of mixed reaction" from his colleagues.

"Unfortunately, there are many tall poppy syndromes in Australia.

"It's a shame because there seems to be someone doing something different and doing well, and wanting to attract people. I've definitely experienced it from a lot of people and colleagues who go to school. At the same time there was a lot of amazing support.

"Starting your own business isn't what every child does, and it shows that you're passionate when you find something you want to do at a young age. But unfortunately many kids hate me because of jealousy and frustration.

"I have experienced hate and cheating at times and people have created fake Google accounts in the past few days to star my business pages. People think it's fun and it's embarrassing to live in society." I think it's fun. "

But Hipworth said he wasn't working hard, but recently had a vacation in the United States last month and provided an opportunity to relax. Save while traveling.

His business income is impressive, but he said he prefers to reinvest in the company in the form of innovation and equipment, not interested in expensive snacks.

"I'm not actually the type to make a lush purchase like a car, it's still up to my learners," he said.

"My big hairy ambition for my remaining life is to enjoy every second, but I want to travel and open more pop-up stores abroad. Because it's a great way to see the world and bring business to the world. Simultaneous.

"I also want to invest in an apartment or house someday. Travel and property are clearly the two biggest goals outside of business."

Hipworth, who appeared last Sunday night, found the school "normal and boring," and said there are no more plans to study it.

He said he prefers to focus on existing restaurants rather than opening multiple restaurants. One of his ultimate professional dreams is to have his own cooking program.

This week he resumed his business as Bistro Morgan Artisan Bakehouse & Cafe. We currently offer breakfast and lunch. Every day, yeast bread was served on-site every day, and cookies and scrolls were added to the list of delicious snacks.

He has some new TV projects in the pipeline.

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