Wednesday , September 28 2022

A book by celebrity chef Pete Evans dropped from The Warehouse.


Pete Evans’ book has been taken from The Warehouse since its online posting. Photo/file

The Warehouse deleted the cookbook by Australian chef Pete Evans after sharing the Neo-Nazi symbol on his social media account.

A major New Zealand retailer has responded to several people on social media who have questioned whether they will drop their chef’s books.

“We are currently withdrawing inventory from our store and online,” he responded.

Evans posted the cartoon on his Facebook and Instagram accounts over the weekend, featuring a caterpillar wearing a MAGA hat and a butterfly with a black sun symbol, also known as sonnenrad or sunwheel.

Christchurch terrorists used the same symbols for backpacks and declarations

The Warehouse is the latest outlet dropping an Australian chef’s book on a meme, following in the footsteps of publisher Pan Macmillan Australia, which said yesterday it would end his contract relationship with the chef.

The Guardian reported that Evans was fired from the Channel 10 reality show. I am a celebrity… Get out of here!

The Woolworths Group, Australia’s leading supermarket chain, said in a statement that it has removed the chef’s title from the Big W range starting this week.

Coles said on Twitter that he is working to remove the chef’s product from the range.

Evans made other headlines when he recently posted an article on conspiracy theory, claiming that, among many others, Covid-19, a dangerous plague that killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is a scam.

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