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Calum Henderson: How good is Julia Roberts in her first major TV show, Homecoming?


Julia Roberts What is the rest of the TV show turned into a podcast? Column Henderson investigates.

One thing to remember about the podcast version of Homecoming is probably the fish tank. Bubbling the background was a clever way to set the scene in the show's main office.

When I learned that Amazon Prime Video's live episode of the highly-anticipated episode of TV episodes had come to life, I imagined it might actually be a little smaller. Feeling familiar.

Adaptation to the screen in this podcast suffers in the same way as many changes from book to screen. No matter how good you are, you can never live up to the version you originally imagined.

It is unfair. Of course, it is not lack of creativity. Directed by robot creator Sam Esmail Director Roy Show has a unique visual style that perfectly matches the nervous and paranoid atmosphere of the show.

The original episodes modified for the original producers Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg's screens rely heavily on the original conversation Esmail and Robot's cinematographer Tod Campbell can do roughly through long-term tracking, such as Alfred Hitchcock. I was proud.

The longest continuous shot takes almost three minutes, while social worker Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) and her boss (Bobby Cannavale) walk around the Homecoming facility on the phone.

This facility is a place where veterans can reconcile veterans to civilian life safely backed by social workers like Bergman. Her phone calls and the cinematic clutter with it provide the first real sign that they may not seem like they really seem to be.

Roberts showed a remarkable achievement with idealistic Bergman. I was particularly prominent in the long and inspirational office scene talking to soldier Walter Cruz (Stephan James) who returned home.

Her story takes place on two separate timelines. He is currently working for Homecoming, and four years later, she is working as a waitress in a dimly lit restaurant.

When a Pentagon investigator asks a few questions about time in Homecoming, she strangely rarely knows anything about it.

This future scene, where Bergman begins to gather together the riddles of the missing memories, was shot in almost vertical proportions as seen on a cell phone.

If you find that a stream does not play, it will actually be, and that's just another part of the show's unique visual style.

The original podcast was great because the format benefits were limited. I feel like I've been tapping a conspiracy phone and consultation session record.

Some of these are lost when switching to the screen. The TV version is much more dense for viewers who want to double their viewership.

It is also great in other ways.

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