Sunday , April 18 2021

Cisco's Webex Team Enables BroadCloud Calling Integration

Cisco added a cloud call to its Webex Teams messaging application, which it called "an important step" in Broadsoft's technology stack integration after it completed the $ 1.9 billion acquisition this year.

This combination is an "enterprise-class" cloud-based PBX [private branch exchange] In addition to existing message and document sharing capabilities, the phone system is supported.

Zeus Kerravala, founder and chief analyst at ZK Research, says, "It's simple for you." With BroadCloud Calling, you can take advantage of a PBX without actually deploying it. "

Webex Teams' content sharing and messaging capabilities have been added to enable a single UC [unified communications] The application was the original vision of UC. "Kerravala said.

Earlier this year, Cisco integrated both Webex and Spark collaboration platforms into a single platform, the Webex team. Wayne Kurtzman, IDC research director at the time, described brand marketing as "not just marketing." Recognizing phones, conferences, video, collaboration, and in-room devices as the most well-known brand, Webex, is a fundamental change. "

Cisco unveiled a new currency application that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and enterprise directories at Cisco BroadSoft Connections event in Florida on Tuesday.

The Cisco Calling App allows you to make voice and video calls on mobile devices and desktops running iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS.

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