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Meghan Markle shares her hairdresser with this royal family.



I am making appointments at his salon.

Color challenge

The royal trip may have been over, but that does not mean we are not still recalling it. Duchess of Sussexsurprising. From her casual upswing, Megan did not misguide her feet when she visited Australia and New Zealand with her husband, Prince Harry. Meghan's fashion was not our captivity but her hair. Meghan showed envy from the overflowing waves to so many things.

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The man who appreciated her hairstyle had a hairstyle with the stars of George Northwood, and she arrived in Sydney with the Royals and his aides. George, who runs a lavish salon on London's Wells Street, also has Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lady Amelia Windsor. The uber cool royal family told Harper 's Bazaar that George and his team relied on wounds and colors. She says in the magazine, "I always go to George Northwood in my hair, Kat has my colors and is a genius, and of course George. "It would not be better to go home proudly than to leave the salon with freshly cut hair."

Example: Meghan Markle's best hair moment

The 23-year-old, who is currently on the runway for Dolce & Gabbana and is a British beauty brand, Illamasqua, says her hair is not well maintained. "I do not use any products on my hair, but sometimes I might start using remedies to maintain a cooling sensation." Amelia Lady Amelia is famous for its cool girl style. She has done good blogging of famous designers and designers using Boden shoes, Marks & Spencer pants, and Puma sliders. She is also frontal and often has a night party at luxury brands like Michael Kors and Dior.

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