Sunday , January 29 2023

Order a terrifying team at Interlagos


Cape Town – Pierre Gasli I refused to let him. Toro Rosso Teammate Brenden
He surpassed him at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Hartley overtook the French behind late.
Starting with race, medium and pitting very new supersofts.

Gasly was having difficulties with the old media set with kiwi.
Carlos Sainz of Renault
I have pain in my neck.

Hartley insists that he should move on his own
Gasly thinks he got his teammates gone in two laps.

"I had to finish the 2nd lap.
I'm running out of fuel. "

"I did not have any fuel until the race was over.
The last two laps were just cruising. I think if you are on this site.
You have to race.

"Plus he was on a new super soft tire, and I was dying.
My medium.

"I told them, said quickly if he can pass
Me, but I do not know he did not do it for 10 laps.

"But after we were in such a critical situation
Eventually, the fuel went out two laps. "

Gasly admitted that the situation might be different.
The pair ran in Top Ten.

But in most races they were running.
Outside Score

"If you're in the top 10, I think it's different.
He can play, "he added.

"Today P11, P12,

"In the end, I am a race driver.
That's what I want. That's what I like. That's my perception.
Motorsport and how it should be.

Hartley explained on the other hand that he did not try.
Walk your way past the French who believed he would be allowed.

"I got a lot of knots from Tim Matt
I asked what would happen. Obviously there are three answers.
"Hartley explained.

"We are racing each other.
you. So he came to call me. I am also defending the car.
behind [Sainz] Taking care of my tires.

"So I did not attack.
5 did not happen. I do not know the rest.

"But eventually I made the overthrow clear and destroyed.
My tires in the meantime. Nevertheless it did not give a single meaning. "

Not finished in the top 10, and despite not finishing the race
After 20 seconds at the point, Hartley has his race
Sao Paulo.

"I was really happy and overtaking that effort.
does not matter. However, it is a bit disappointing not to finish P11 and P10. "

"There was not much retirement today.
and. Honestly, I am proud of this race.
Reward when you make good efforts. "

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