Thursday , December 3 2020

Tauranga celebrates Lotto where the man gets $ 1 million on his birthday.

It was a remarkable birthday as if you earned $ 1 million like everyone else.

A man from Tauranga said he was "totally glad" when he checked his winning ticket Lotto on a central city outlet on Thursday.

The man who asked for anonymity was enjoying tea on his birthday at work when he asked a colleague whether AJ Lotto shop had sold a big box.

"I remembered that there was a ticket in my wallet." Mr. of Plenty Times.

"My friend confirmed in the Lotto NZ app that he was a winner through the Lotto NZ app. When the main winner came out, everyone at work was excited to find out if I was a big winner.

"As soon as the Lotto ticket passes through the machine, Lotto Lady begins to celebrate."

The man received a $ 1 million paper and went back to work.

"Everyone was so excited for me."

The man then traced and managed his wife to meet her at the mall coffee shop.

"I told her to take a seat, and I was confused about what was happening and why I did not go to work.

"When I showed her a million-dollar piece of paper, she was like," Oh, cool, $ 1000. "I could not believe it. When I told her to read that number again, She exclaimed "OMG." It was very exciting.

"The guy next to us showed us a strange look, I think he thought he had a heart attack."

The man said the money "changes lives for us".

"We will be able to pay off the mortgage, letting go of everything and giving more options."

The couple have already upgraded their upcoming winter vacation to Business Class.

The man said he bought regular tickets and was a regular lottery player. The couple now just told their family and friends, "Of course, I know people at work."

"It was the best birthday so far."

AJ's Lotto sold a big ticket before and is considered one of Tauranga's most lucky outlets.

Owner Linda Zeng when she was very excited and put through the ticket, she started to dance.

"We are very happy because we are locals and general customers."

Just two weeks ago, the store sold a $ 31,790 winning second-division ticket and "now sells a $ 1 million winning ticket." "surprising".

In September 2012, the outlet sold $ 27 million worth of Powerball tickets.

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