In today's social media age, how people are recognized and presented is becoming increasingly important. A myriad of individuals have been able to successfully and successfully generate revenue through platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Electronics is a remarkable company that can create Instagram models, one of the most coveted and famous professions. Instagram models and influencers drove the fashion and beauty industry into a storm, serving as a spokesman for celebrity branding campaigns and occasionally making profitable partnerships with those brands.

A 19-year-old self-portraits model in Sweden, the "Influencer", lighted up her announcement after discovering that a 19-year-old follower, Instagram followers, was not actually a black woman. "To be honest, Emma Hallberg thought it was half black." One user Sad. "As she posted with many black pages, the girl was clearly posing in black." Another person mentioned after sharing one of Hallberg's previous posts was mentioned. Other Twitter users bluntly blamed Halabug for correcting people who posted back their photos to celebrate the beauty of blacks. And that the choice of a teenager who uses a significantly darker makeup than her face is very similar to wear. denigration.

Harberg told BuzzFeed News: "She was considered" white "and never" claimed or attempted to be black or anything. "She later said," I do not see myself as anything other than white. I get a tan from the sun naturally. "She added:" It was sad that some of the natural features hurt and annoyed people. It also saw me in an angry and fearful way. It looks natural without being subjected to false dislike, hatred, or threats. I have no special intentions. [to] Show your passion for makeup and fashion. "