Thursday , March 30 2023

-A diet made with AI is better than dietary advice


According to unpublished research, artificial intelligence has created a personalized diet that is better than the standard diet.

Each person reacts to food much more differently than previously thought. It can be measured directly with a blood glucose meter (photo). However, Norwegian researchers believe the results are uncertain. Ketyl Blomhausg Stulen

For me, eating ice cream is better than sushi. For you, a croissant is better than a peach. This is one of the most unintuitive discoveries in an amazing Israeli study of patients at risk for diabetes. The survey has now been repeated by several independent research groups.

We got used to dietary results and food recommendations that differ from study to study. New research shows that our stomachs are more different than the same. This can be a source of confusion. So, the perfect diet is different for everyone.

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