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Billions of dollars lost in tax fraud for Sweden


Between 2006 and 2014, income tax was reimbursed based on fictitious stock trading and stock ownership.

This amount is SVT with Sweden's chrono (swronkoror) amounting to 14.3 billion.

In October, it became clear that the scope of this type of tax fraud was very broad. Many European countries have exempted many taxes.

During this period, volumes of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Denmark will be in the order of 500 billion kroner, according to Danish radio broadcasts reported in October.

Similar activities are known to have occurred in Norway. According to the tax administration, Norway scandaled less than 600,000 kronor in 2013, and stopped two and a half million 350 – thousand fraud tests every 10 months. It is not known whether Norway is affected more.

This system is referred to as cum-ex fraud or cum-cum, but the relevant banks, companies and tax accountants explain the tax plan. Currently, most tax authorities have publicized and attacked this activity.

Especially in the SVT review of the scams released in October and November, the German research report Correctiv and Sweden SEB in particular were active.

– We made this work today. This is the standard deal that happens in France, the Netherlands, Norway and other areas, says SEB's former bank manager for the channel.

The bank's director claims that there is a customer and business group whose sole purpose is to avoid taxes.

"We obey laws and regulations in all our business," said SEB Johan Torgeby, chairman of the bank, in October.

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