Tuesday , May 30 2023

"Burning" won a film award in South.


Photo: Burning

Winners were announced in four categories of South of Film at the finals ceremony held tonight in Vega Scene in Oslo.

He was selected as one of the major critics of the Cannes Film Festival. Silver Mirror It was rated among the top 12 films in the main competition.

roast One of Korea's brilliant directors, Lee Chang-dong, As the Norwegian audience had previously known city He went to the Norwegian cinema in 2011. He was based on novels by novel collection Muurakami Haruki. The elephant disappears. As a result, world-famous thrillers and mystery dramas are mixed. The film by South Jury, composed of Marte Stapnes, Khalid Maimouni and Kalle Lchen, justified the award as follows:

"The jury's favored film is a well-established, well-supervised story. […] A quiet story […] The reply is never flat, and the story is never underestimated. This film shows the power of a great movie story. "

A new voice: Festival's latest competition program New votes The first and second directors consisted of 11 films. This year's new voice winner is a movie. Ayka The Sergej Dvortsevoj jury from Kazakhstan consists of movie critics Britt Sørensen, Kristin Aalen and Jon Iversen. Based on the manuscripts and photographs, they say: "The script is still surprised by the transformation that can not be predicted and works, and camera work has a documentary that makes us physically close to the main character," said Samal Jeslijamova, an actor.

DOC: SOUTH: This year DOC: SØR-winner is a French Congo film. Makala Emmanuel Gras. The jury consisted of Brynjar Bjerkem, Helene Eggen and Verona Meier. Excerpt from the jury's statement: "A film that combines a very attractive, emotional, and tightly packed story despite being a good movie and minimalist."

Audience Award: The winner sneak Koreas Hirokazu.

For more information on all the winners, please click here.

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