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Celebrity Couple Relationship Check – Hidden for a year.

Recent romance poems are pending between actor Ashley Benson (29) and Cara Delevingne (26) model in American media.

Now they check the relationship and write E News.

The couple visited the charity festival in New York on Monday and Delevingne on the red carpet said she and Benson were girlfriends for a year.

A few days ago, Delevingne shared a video on Instagram kissing her and her girlfriend.

The video has the text "Pride". A parade to celebrate love and diversity, called Pride, takes place around the world in June.

Celebration of pride

Red Carpet, Trevor Live's charity event, explained why LHBTQ teenagers share videos as an organization committed to preventing suicide.

Because it has been fifty years since I have pride and gusts. We celebrated the anniversary. Why did not you do it?

The actor refers to the Stonewall riot in 1969 when the police raided Stonewall Inn Gay Bar in New York. The demo station is considered the beginning of the modern gay movement.

Praise your girlfriend.

At a charity event, Delevingne won an honorary award for his job to prevent suicide among LHBTQ youth. In the speech she praised her girlfriend sitting in the hallway.

– She is one of the people who help me love myself when I need it most. She showed what true love is and how to accept it, and I said it was much harder than I thought, she told in the field, E News said.

Hidden held

The romance theme among celebrity couples has been going on since taking pictures during kissing at the airport since last August.

A source told E-News that the couple had been living together in Los Angeles for a while.

The couple kept the secret relationship confidential one year before the relationship first decided to publicly comment.

– I think it is best to keep the relationship private. I have always been very personal about my personal relationship. Benson is a "pretty little liar" actor who told people before.

Delevingne appeared to be bisexual in 2015. She was with actress Michelle Rodriguez before.

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