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Elkjøp happily single-party house: – had a strong campaign


This year, Elkjøp's second implementation of the sales day was after the first unforgettable purchase celebration with competitor Power last year.

According to Elkjøp's figures, the electronic device chain
Sales growth of 32% per share over the same period last week. In stores, growth was usually 20% compared to Saturday.

"We are pleased with" Singles & # 39; Day "this year.
I doubt the trading date is here. Kristina Opsahl, marketing manager at Elkjøp Norway, talks about the campaign.

Show ads before the transaction date

Wednesday last week, the electric chain came with a new and small advertising nut reminding.
People in chinese shopping day. It seems to work.

"This is a new sales day in Norway, and we knew we had to make a strong campaign that was successful," said Norwegian Elkø ø Norway Marketing Manager.
Kristina Opsahl, campaign.

In addition to revenue growth, 50% more customers use click & get on & # 39; Singles & # 39; campaigns than last year. I did.

The most popular products are
Well-known brands Sony and Huawei's TV and phone. On the other hand, white goods became a clear winner with strong sales bets on the net during the sales day (Sunday).

Alibaba Hit Records

"Fasting Day" started as one.
In celebration of the only family created by Nanjing University in China in 1993, it celebrates the 11th anniversary every year. The date is chosen because it is made up of four single numbers that symbolize one life. Worldwide
This sales day is already much bigger than "Black Friday" with the help of Alibaba, a Chinese online tycoon who already recorded black new records this year.

A total of $ 30 billion was processed in the China e-commerce campaign.
Sunday's "Single Day".

Last year, Power and Elkjpp power chains were criticized for introducing Chinese trading days. The Nature Conservation Association, our future and Bellona, ​​said the Norwegian chain would introduce it.
New sales day to Norway.

Here Elkjøp and Power go back to the future. Chains need to invest more money in renting and repairing, and they need to spend less on things people do not need. In "Green Map 2050 Road Map"
The Virke trade association says it wants to invest a lot in leasing and repair for years. Elkjøp and Power are encouraged to look at the roadmap instead of bringing things different.
Bringing consumption to a new level, and last fall, Anja Bakken Riise, telling us that we will lead the future in our hands.

Satisfied with a single party:

"We are pleased with the" Singles Day "this year. There is no doubt.
Marketing manager at Elkjøp Norway, Kristina Opsahl, said the trading day would be here.

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Blow the sails.

Elkjøp has significantly increased its sales during the newly imported trading day "Singles & # 39; Day". In the visible picture
Slide show of commercial movie El Giant released last Wednesday. Photo: Elkjøp

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