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In the case of the prize: 16 years of age consent to the detention


    IN THE COURT: Police Chief Stine Grimstad and Defense Counsel Lorentz Stavrum before the jail term
IN THE COURT: Police Chief Stine Grimstad and Defense Counsel Lorentz Stavrum before the jail term Photo: Ådne Husby Sandnes


LILLEHAMMER (VG) The 16-year-old boy accused of killing a regular girl does not even meet the ongoing prison lawsuit.


On Wednesday, 16-year-old girl was killed on Vinstra. Approximately 12 minutes after the armed police moved, they were taken over the perpetrator.

The defendant, Lorentz Stavrum, claims that his client agrees to the detention of prisoners.

"You understand and accept that the situation requires it," Stavrum VG said

here You can read what has happened so far.

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Vinstra murder: these are unanswered questions

sigh it was not officially questioned by the police and had been treated in hospital since Wednesday.

On Friday, Stavrum announced that the boy did not meet at today's prison meeting, which began at 12.30.

Unclear connection

His protector tells him he's talking to the jack, but he still does No formal questionnaire was prepared. So it's still uncertain whether the 16-year-old will recognize the punishment.

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The victim kills: The killer's vision is treated in the hospital

– It's terrible. She knew the sentence. Obviously, this is an amazing tragedy for the person responsible for the killing, "Stavrum VG said.

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Girl (16) died in Vinstra – teenage siege

On Thursday evening, the boy was moved to another non-established child welfare institution elsewhere in the country Dagbladet.

According to the police, both victims and victims are in VET secondary school. Police have not said anything about contact with the two, but at a dark night's press conference they said they would use a lot of energy to crawl this.

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People gather to Vinstra: "There were lots of tears

Grip in

The police have not provided a detailed explanation of the course of the events so far. Wenche Bøe was at home when he heard some noise in front of the house. It came from the window testify of the murder act.

"I went to the window and saw someone wearing a basketball ball." Two boys fought. First I thought there were kids, "he says.

Bøe says that two people ran from the scene into a car while a third boy sat on a girl. Then he picked up his partner who brought the case.

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Vinstra murder: 12 minutes

A 56-year-old man was injured in the case. Sure intervened and tried to stop the event, according to a person VG talked about. He should have been screwed in when he tried to interfere, and on Thursday he was still in the hospital. The person speaking by the VG had a good physical appearance but described it as a "horrible experience."

According to Bygda, about 2500 inhabitants, the event is seriously affected.

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