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Jan Tore Kjær said Saturday "Will we dance?"

Not to say: Jan Tore Kjær as an alternative to ignoring the pain and dancing for Saturday night TV viewers

Not to say: Jan Tore Kjær didn't consider retracting "dance dance" as an alternative to dancing to ignore the pain for Saturday night TV viewers. Photo: TV 2 / Personal

The dance profile is on the couch but refuses to throw it on the towel. "Zoom in to hurt people."

The third "Shall we dance" broadcast this fall is scheduled for Saturday night and last week Per Sandberg had to thank him first.

And almost every year, almost all damage now begins to take damage. The day before, hockey profile Jan Tore Kjær (50) was counted down on the couch.

-Jib caused an old meniscus injury. The legs are swollen, stiff and reasonably painful. Kjær told VG that it will be hard tomorrow.

Do you see this? A few weeks ago, when TV 2 announced it to participants of the year's "Dance Investing" participant:

A man 50 years old does not really know what's wrong, but he explains that it is very painful at the meniscus. The pain reminds me of the problems he had years ago.

-I started to get sick on Tuesday when I trained hard. After that, as the jib training continued, the situation got worse. Tonight was getting bigger to hurt the sick. He admitted that he could not swell and bend his knees.

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On Saturday morning, "Shall we dance" participants are examined by the program's health team.

We know what to bring on Saturday, but we have to dance. I have to drive until it stops. Rather, I want to spend a lot of time to "repair" what could be worse. Kjær says that the bone is bandaging while using Voltaren Gel and taking Naproxen tablets.

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Saturday's "Shall We Dance" offers movie nights. Jan Tore Kjær and dance partner Tone Jacobsen (39) came in seventh place and the two will show their passion.

Jan Tore Kjær became very popular with the Norwegians on TV 2's "The Ice Warriors" series.

Here's what celebrities have to dance in Saturday's "We Should Dance":

Sandra and Beyond-Quick Steps
Jorgin and Jorgen-Rumba
Emily and Santino-Quick Steps
Isabel and Benjamin-Jive
Christian and Marian-Quick Step
Bahareh and Tom-Arild-Argentine Tango
Jan Torre and Tone-Jive
Alexander and Nadia-Cha Cha Cha
Trin and Glen Jorgen-Tango
Victor and Leek-Wienervals
Adrian and Lilian-Wienervals

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