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Jennifer Lawrence – – – He is the best man I've ever met.

Jennifer Lawrence (age 28) and Cooke Maroney (age 34) are planning a marriage. It was February when a talented actor confirmed that her boyfriend had peace and earlier this month she showed off a bad engagement ring worth around a million kroner.

Lawrence has been known for years for her love life, but now she can not talk about her great girlfriend because the expectant bride looks so adorable.

On Thursday, the "Hunger Games" star revealed some intimate details about the marriage plan and mood in the Podcast "Naked with Catt Sadler".

Do not hold back.

– He's the best man I've ever met. According to Us Weekly, he actually exists and is more openly shared with the audience.

Then a 28-year-old man talked about how he first saw relationships.

– I started normally. "What am I feeling? Is he kind? Is he good?" She explained before she admitted that she had received the revelation.

– This is "one". I know it is very stupid. But he is. I am very honored to be Maroney.

In addition, Jennifer explained that she wanted to take the castle's castle, but she would use a virgin name for the job.

Jennifer Lawrence accidentally meets on the red carpet while signing the fans at the X-Men premiere.
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Turn to black

The upcoming husband of the Oscar winner works at the wonderful Gladstone Gallery Art Gallery in New York, including Lena Dunham (33) father Carol Dunham, according to Page Six.

The couple met each other through a common friend last summer, and at that time Lawrence was "not really in a place of life ready for marriage." But this changed shortly after the duo became better known.

– When I met Cook I wanted to marry him. We wanted to marry each other. We wanted to commit each other completely. Because he is my best friend, I want to be connected with him forever. She shared in the podcast according to the site.

As for the wedding, Jennifer also found a place they are going to party, she chose the wedding dress for the big day.

This case continues.

Big age difference

Hollywood stars are in love for the time being, but the situation was quite different a few years ago. In November 2017, the bridesmaids shouted about Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky (50).

This relationship strived to keep her age at the attention of the media, but she had never publicly told her boyfriend. Still, they visited the restaurant and took a picture with the paparazzi together constantly together on the night of the movie.

This case continues.

In September 2017, the duo first appeared with the Red Runner. The reason was the New York premiere of the joint film "Mother!".

But two months later, after a year as a girlfriend, the break was true.

– Age difference is significant and very different. Both of us had to really think about the future. Jennifer needs to know how his life will develop. He is responsible for his life. She still told his source at that time and aimed at Aronofsky's 12-year-old son in her previous relationship.

In the past, great actors are also dating Coldplay vocal Chris Martin (42) and actress colleague Nicholas Hoult (29).

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