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Kristoff lost the chain.


Winner: Caleb Ewan cheers for victory at Tulleos. Photo: MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP

Both Edvald Boasson Hagen and Alexander Kristoff fell when Caleb Ewan exerted his last full throttle before the mountain waited at Tour de France.

I sit down really well, but I lose about two kilometers of chain. Unfortunately, I only lose 20 positions with nonsense. Kristoff says to finish on TV 2.

This year's ride was not the first time, and there was a clear frustration after Christophe.

He and Boasson Hagen were not in a position to ask about the win. Kristoff was No. 9 in Boasson Hagen.

– I felt really good today, but I can not go a step forward when the chain is leaping, and it's almost finished on the last turn. Then you lose. Kristoff explains further.

Boasson Hagen was close to the fence on the last turn and lost a lot of positions.

– It is a shame to have another chance. I felt that I had a good position and would move forward. He explains on TV 2.

Christophe team mate Jasper Philipsen was disappointed to call the last few kilometers "dangerous".

This was the Sprint's last chance to win the bridge for a while. Thursday racing into the Pyrenees.

Four riders knocked on the stage early, but could not hit their big enough head and were picked at the end of the main field with good control. After Aimé De Gendt made the last courageous attempt with miles.

Well, in the main field

There was ripple in the main field when it was 30 kilometers away.

Among the combined candidates, Nairo Quintana (No. 8) and Giulio Ciccone (No. 10) were prevented. Quintana recovered quickly, but Ciccone wasted a lot of time and dropped out of the top 30 overall.

Nikki Terpstra was worse offloaded. The Dutch returning to direct energy had to ruin the game.

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