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Many lotto winners Saturday night


On Saturday, November 10th, the first prize winner reached nearly 15 million. All 7 rows were correct in all 7 numbers, but there were still more than 7 winners …

Enjoy the lottery here before Saturday 1800!

Multiple Stock Bank Winners

One of the racks was delivered from Andelsbank and there are 10 shares behind each submitted game. In other words, a total of 10 people occupy a total of 7 straight lines.

In addition, Andelsbanken was a system voucher with a small premium of NOK 2,070,000. The ten people each earned 225,703 kroner. The winners of Andelsbank are scattered throughout the country.

  • Male of Rana. Delivered from Obs Mo i Rana.
  • Male from Bold. Comes with a mobile phone.
  • People in time. Delivered over the Internet.
  • Male of Beiarn. Shipped from Coop Prix Beiarn.
  • Male of Kongsberg. Comes with a mobile phone.
  • Vinje is a male. Comes with a mobile phone.
  • The female of Skedsmo. Shipped from Narvesen of Strømmen Storsenter.
  • Male of Midsund. Available from Midsund.
  • Male of Vestre Toten. Comes with a mobile phone.
  • Male of Vegårshei. Comes with a mobile phone.

This is the winning number.

6 – 8 – 12 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 27

The additional figure was 25.

Six fresh millionaires

A $ 6 million coat is handed over by an individual. So they each earn a total of 2,257,030 kroner! These are the new millionaires:

Fusa's male: number must be checked multiple times

Hordaldingen could barely believe what he saw on the coupon as he followed the TV draw.

"And now I am confirming and confirming that it is right.

Before the Norsk tip sounded there was no more doubt – yes, thank you for calling. This person was very good.

He delivered coupons from Spar Eikelandsosen.

Trondheim woman: I had to check my phone number first.

Trondheim women were skeptical of unknown phone numbers and did not answer previously for other phones. Until then she did not hesitate to check her phone number and find out why it was called.

– Yes, I knew I had won. We were totally shocked here.

"We will celebrate a little bit tonight and we'll see what happens, but it's a life-changing event," she said.

Men of Egersund: Fantastic!

– surprising. And you have to have a happy job. When Lo Egersund's man Norsk Tipping received the call.

He received a 5-week coupon delivered to the tablet in October.

"We are a family with a hole in it, but we will have fun, and tonight I will wear a skirt," he said.

Male: Oslo: Must be with your child

The Oslo man did not identify his coupon when Norsk Tipping called him happy news.

"It was a very good message to not say that every day," said the gentle man.

He expected some of the money to go to the children.

"They are in the creative stage and it would be nice to help them," said the man. He had delivered his coupon to Narvesen at Skillebekk.

Winners of Tønsberg and Østre Toten

Norsk Tipping did not contact Lotto millionaires in Tønsberg and Østre Toten.

A man from Tønsberg delivered the coupon to his cell phone, and a man from Østre Toten delivered the coupon at Skreia Sport og Spill.

Enjoy the lottery here before Saturday 1800!

(Grand Prize Winner 1: 5.4 million per line)

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