Thursday , March 30 2023

Possible super spreaders:-17 people infected since last night in the city


This is St. Verified by Christine Thune, communication consultant from Hanshaugen to Dagbladet. She says that all guests who visited the nightclub and registered on the Monday in question were notified.

-The infection detection team believes this may seem like a so-called super spread situation. In an undocumented state, employees can become asymptomatic, Thune tells Dagbladet.

-Something we feared happened

-Something we feared happened

Increase expectations

More test results will come out within 24 hours.

-The number of positive samples is expected to continue to increase.

Alcohol bans were introduced from midnight on November 9 due to the infection situation in the capital.

-All infection cases are tracked until the last night of the city before the introduction of the new rules, so this is another reminder that distance is required to control infection

Raymond Johansen answers Dagbladet TV’s questions after a press conference.
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Rune Johansen, general manager of nightclub Gamla, tells Dagbladet that he is currently working with a local infection detection team and mapping the situation.

-We put the health and safety of our customers and employees our top priority. We have a good overview of who was in Gamla that evening and now Bydel St. We’re working on infection tracking with Hanshaugen, says Johansen.

Begging for help in the nightlife

Begging for help in the nightlife

-Very tricky

Thune is a Gamla eruption. It is said to join a large and tricky eruption of the Hanshaugen region.

-We have many schools and jobs. It is very tricky for the school district to handle and follow up. This has already added to so many cases of infection and is a huge workload for infection control teams to follow up.

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