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Safety problems in the Oslo Fjord Tunnel: – Vehicle trains in the Oslo Fjord Tunnel suddenly fall into flames. Several security issues have been released.


The train was foreign and consisted of tractors and semi-trailers.

No one was injured in the fire, but two crew members had to evacuate after finding the refuge in one of the tunnel's refuges.

  • Watch a video of the event taken from the Oslo Fjord Tunnel at the top of the case. It soon takes before the truck train is full.

Terje Langsrud ran a tunnel from Drammen to Drøbak and saw a carriage road in front of an orange-lighted person under the car.

– There was a fire. When I drove past, I knew I had loaded fuel or oil on the ground. Langsrud dropped Dagbladet's recordings from his chassis in the car last year.

Multiple Security Issues

A similar incident occurred in 2011 when the car started to burn. The report now points out several deviations and safety issues in tunnels.

It is a press release from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission.

"When the car climbed in the direction of Drøbak, it began to burn inside the tunnel. According to SHT's investigation, this fire similar to the fire in 2011 occurred as a result of the Motor Harrier fire was accelerated quickly and the car overturned for a short time. "

During the deviations there was a delay in lowering the boom, which means that more vehicles entered the tunnel when the truck was fired.

"Of these, there were two wagons that continued to the coal-fired power station until it stopped."

There was toilet paper on the train and everything was completely incinerated by accident. A fire broke out in two road tunnels that stopped behind a burning road train.

However, due to the fire department's "good and coordinated fire fighting activities", the fire was not delivered to other vehicles.

Providing security advice to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

According to this report, the fire background is related to engine overload. In addition, the Oslofjord tunnel, where many safety problems were found, has been shown to be inadequate maintenance.

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Transport Commission stated:

  • There is no comprehensive deviation system to report faults and deviations from tunnel safety equipment and to monitor and track technical operating conditions.
  • Some defects and deviations from safety equipment in tunnels were not detected during the periodic inspection.
  • It was not a practice of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to comply with the internal guidelines of Manual R511 for safety approvals for active tunnels.
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, a tunnel manager, did not update the Oslo Fjord Tunnel Emergency Plan according to the requirements of the tunnel safety regulations.
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, a tunnel manager, did not perform regular exercise at the Oslo Fjord Tunnel according to the requirements of the tunnel safety regulations.

Havarikommission has issued four security recommendations to the Norwegian Public Roads Bureau based on the findings. The Commission wrote that there were some known variations in the Public Roads Administration in Norway before the fire. In addition, the fire revealed an unknown variation.

"The Norwegian Public Roads Administration establishes a comprehensive deviation management system that records, handles and tracks errors and deviations from the safety equipment of the Oslo Fjord Tunnel."

They also believe that regular inspections were not sufficient to detect faults and deficiencies in safety equipment in tunnels and require regular and comprehensive inspections.

In addition, the Commission believes that the emergency plan at the time of the incident on July 12, 2012 is useless in terms of traffic volume.

They also found that the Norwegian Road Administration, as a tunnel manager, did not conduct regular training in the Oslo Fjord Tunnel according to the requirements of the tunnel safety regulations.

According to the Havarikommission, the last full-scale exercise of the tunnel will be completed in 2012.

Route management: positive for survey

Norwegian road safety authority Nils Audun Karbø is Akershus road chief. He is positive for the committee's review launched after the 2017 fire.

"It's good to discover a learning point on how to raise the level of security afterwards, and we will strongly agree with the security recommendations and stick with it," he told Dagbladet.

Karbø points out that the security system worked like this one.

"There was no serious injury, and the accident was handled in a good way. The Road Administration followed the contingency plan.

He has the potential for improvement and points out a number of things that need to be done with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

– Today we handle deviations, but the systems being processed are different. We will strive for a comprehensive deviation system. Regular inspections are underway and work already underway this fall. We also conducted a fire test.

As for emergency plans, he says there are already people full of such incidents.

– Not sure

Karbø makes it clear that the Oslo Fjord Tunnel is not a traffic-rich tunnel.

"This is a safe and secure tunnel while we have a lot of equipment in. There was a fan and messaging system for road users who did not work during the event, which is a serious deviation from ours. In the worst case, we close the tunnel and it is always safe to travel when you open it.

"We appreciate this review and we do our best to raise the level of security," he concluded.

Oslofjord Tunnel is a submarine road tunnel across the Oslo Fjord between Akershus and Buskerud. Length is 7,306 meters.

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