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The boss moved when Krogh struck.


Finn Hågen Krogh claimed in his sprint Saturday in Beitostølen that he "fell 100 kilometers over his shoulder."

Finnmarkingen went to the last spot and proved that he was returning serious after finishing last winter's winter season. He almost did not finish the final six games of the final in Beitostølen. It was even more important to confirm that the body was replaying on the team.

Sprintland team coach Arild Monsen is one of Krogh's most important supporters. He called the sixth place "special feelings".

– Very good trip. fantastic. Perhaps it will be the most pleasant part of me all day. It was delicious, not to mention that he came back today. Almost today's victory, Monsen told the NTB.

Far from expectation

At the same time, he will not elaborate on what is behind Krogh's comeback.

"It was a process, I do not want to say more than that, it was easier, easier, better and better, and I smiled the sprintland coach.

Of course, I made many smiles and made the protagonist. He expressed the meaning of the sixth place as follows.

"It's absolutely crazy delicious, one hundred kilograms of shoulder. Our life is about skiing fast, and through this season we become a heavy psycho.

The 28 – year – old had too much coaching last season. It did not tolerate the body. The results were unsuccessful, and the 18th in the 15km freestyle from the Olympics was far from expected. Even Krogh uses the word "run down" for what he ends up with.

"I was missing my last kit because I was running down, so I decided to have a good rest for almost two months." When Finnmark started training in May, I was sick and bad.

Roger Monsen

When he started training again, he had to pay attention to his body. It was important to build carefully.

"At that time I was so bad that I did less than usual during the year, which is why I was always looking for food.

In September, he was ordinarily trained at the age of 28. The driveway has been ideal.

"I was not very sure before this weekend," Krogh said, "because it is incredibly good to get the confirmation that I've done the job correctly, and I would like to thank Monsen's coach.

"We have always been in good co-operation, he has adapted me well and made me think that is the best thing." We started small in May and built me, I always have Arilide behind me, Finnmarkingen said it has a lot to do with the safety of athletes.

On Sunday he runs a freestyle 15km from Beitostølen.

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