Thursday , March 30 2023

Alan García congratulates his party's lawmaker on his defense of the APRA government,


Former President Alan Garcia has been elected president of the Liberal Party Congress (2006-2011) after the ballots of the Star Party and Fuerza Popular blocked their inclusion and after the vote of Keiko Fujimori, . The final report of the Lava Jato Committee was approved at plenary plenary session this Friday.

"Congratulations and recognition for cell members For his defense of the Aprista government. Garcia posted on Twitter and accompanied by a hash tag "#ElApraVuelve" in his message.

Alan Garcia He included him in the Twitter photo of the APRA caucus, Mauricio Mulder, Jorge del Castillo, Javier Velasquez, and Elias Rodriguez Zavala. Luciana León, who does not appear in the image, leaves for maternity leave.

On the past two days, members of the APRA caucus clashed with other lawmakers in a discussion of the report by Rosa Bartra, the president of the working group, in the report of the Lava Subcommittee. On Thursday, a strong debate between New Peru and Prentus' apprentices and leftist lawmakers, demanding Alan Garcia's investigation, prompted the board to delay the debate.

"The Caviar Communist War"

In another tweet posted this Friday, Alan Garcia He cited APRA's victory over the left sector with regard to lawmakers seeking to include the findings in the report. Lava Jato.

"APRA people have ceased communism since 1930, and Chávezmoth was defeated in 2006. That's why fake reds and caviar are using the right government as a budget."

In another message he said, "The war with Cuban communism Apra It can grow in the media. Because the anti-racist government that supported it ended up corrupt and rotten and prevented social development. "

Alan García

Peret 's proposal that Brazilian entrepreneurs Alejandro Toledo, Ollanta Humala and Pedro indicted Fujimori and Garcia for bribes was announced on November 19 against 59 votes, 34 votes and 5 abstentions. Pablo Kusinski. He also voted against Vice President Mercedes Aráoz.

In the case of García, the Lava Jato committee decided to dismiss him for alleged torture, bribery and incompatible negotiations on the construction of Lima Metro Line 1, which Odebrecht claimed was a $ 24 million bribe.

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