Wednesday , June 7 2023

Amer Shafi scored from goal.


MEXICO CITY .- Goalkeeper's goal in football was never normal. The person who did it was eitherDesperate auction at the last minute Of the game; However, Jordan goalkeeper Amur Shafi wanted to be more creative and scored a clearance from his goal.

FIFA Dating has always offered memorable goals, one of which happened in India in a friendly international game between the local team and Jordan.

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Just 25 minutes after the match between the Jordanian team and the Indian team, the goalkeeper kicked the ball as soon as the goalkeeper got a ball from the rivals 'center and the goalkeeper protruded from the half-moon and began reaching the rivals' keeper. One of the oldest, though not enough to avoid so much. therefore, Amer Shafi was able to score goals from his goal. On the goal of India gurdameta Singh Sandhu.

The goal spread throughout the world. Perhaps there would have been no similar goal since the legendary goals of Team Howard, Everton, Asmer Bigbo Big and Stoke City.

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Goal Charpy Ehsan Farhad, who scored 58 points, Jordan national team win 2-1 in IndiaThere was a controversy at Abdullah International Stadium.

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