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Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: Nahitan Nández's Strange Bells Before Superfinal | Copa Libertadores 2018 | Argentina Superclassico | sports


Boca Juniors vs. River Plate will kick off their first championship of 2018 Copa Libertadores, which will have a competitive advantage over a 100-year history between two of the most popular teams in Argentina and South America this Saturday. In this tournament, Xeneizes & # 39; Millionaires & # 39; meet for the first time.

Boca's coach, Guilermo BarroscoHe will arrive with all the appropriate troops, except injured Pablo Pérez, and will be one of his most important starting pitchers in the midfield. Na Haitanardez. Uruguay, 22, has a rare genitals released by her girlfriend Sarah Garcia in an interview with ESPN.

Garcia laughed and said, "He might like it when he talks, but he always uses the same pants." An anecdote by Sarah Garcia surprised journalists who were shocked when she made the following statement clear: "Thieves do not wash" seems to me.

Na Haitanardez, Midfielder charrúa is wasting as much as the limit of brand and regulation as football player. The strength of his game is that he is able to complete the long run in the middle of the field and is a very clear option for Boca Juniors' passes and goals at a crucial moment.

Wahington Tabárez, Uruguay coach agreed to the request. Conmebol In 2018 Copa Libertadores (2018) decided to bring Nández to Europe in a friendly against Brazil and France ahead of the finals.

data : Nahitan Nández came to Boca Juniors in Peñarol in 2017.

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