Monday , February 6 2023

Christmas: Superior Panetones Reach 35% Market Share


The premium category showed a 15% increase in value compared to the previous season, reaching 35% of the market and staying at the same level as the economy.

Christmas: Superior Panetones Reach 35% Market Share

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The Panettone category indicated stability over years with minimal growth due to maturity, but pointed to several changes in the buying channel and consumer preferences. Peru Cambodia.

In this way, marketing manager Aivy Schroth explains that the premium category shows a 15% increase in value over last season 35% (36%) that grew and grew no longer.

The premium category costs S / 22 And economical things, S / 11. On the other hand, the mainstream sector (medium scale) with an average price of S / 18 accounts for 22% of the market.

Panettone Market

The executives said supermarket brands helped modern retailers. These brands are already a third of those in the field, he added.

He also said that they exist between them. 50 Peruvian and 60 panettone brandsThere are several entrances every year. The market will remain stable at around $ 230 million, up 2% from 2017.

However, Bimbo plans to grow more than 10% in the Panettone category in 2018 to the top ten in the market, considering the PYC brand. Bet on the Christmas campaign for this Bimbotoy Schroders said.

Well, this month the company resumed shipment of Panettone to Chile and will strengthen shipments to the US, where exports already account for 7% of the production of these products.

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