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Dragon Ball Super: Did Toriyama Akira's "tribute" to Stanley after she died? Everyone Cries With Images | Dragon Ball Super Brooch | Super Dragon Ball Hero | Amazing | Avengers 4 | | trend

Thousands were excited by this claim.respect& # 39; The curious images on Facebook inspired thousands of Dragon Ball super fans who were attracted to see the ghosts that Akira Toriyama had made for memorable writers and creators. marvelStanley, who died a few days ago at the age of 95.

Images that are already viral FacebookI received thousands of compliments from my fans. Dragon Ball Super, Who did not hide their emotions after watching Goku With Stanley in a magnificent scene that will be remembered forever. What is it about? Here we tell everything.

Thousands of praise and support expressions have created a curious image shared on Facebook. Akira Toriyama After a memorable stanley died a few days ago at the age of 95

Already thousands of images person I like And opinions about hundreds of things Facebook, We can see the remembered Creator. marvel Traveling with Goku together Shen Long, Both of which travel to eternity.

What attracted the attention of thousands of fans of Dragonball Super is that this scene emulates the emotional end of the series Dragon Ball GT Where Goku He died for a long time with the dragon.

In fact, some users have come to believe that these lines are very similar. Akira ToriyamaThe truth is that the user took an image from a Facebook page that he decided to pay homage to Stan Lee and created this incredibly impressive design for all the memorable artists and producers' fans. marvel.

I've left images of thousands of reactions here. Facebook.


Images that are already viral on Facebook are inspired by one of the most emotional scenes: Dragon Ball GT, Koku, who died after a fierce battle, said goodbye to his friends Shen LongGo with the dragon.

We leave tears in the fans and leave a scene in the memories. Dragon Ball. This memorable scene came back to the fans of Dragon Ball Super. This is because Stone Ridge has become a shining art with Goku behind the dragon.

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