Wednesday , June 7 2023

Google Maps: How to find the International Space Station in your app | Technology and Science | news


Just a year ago, the Street View platform launched a special that invites users to discover the International Space Station through 360-degree images. But you knew that you could explore the research center as if you were going through your neighbors. Google Maps.

When we partnered with an ISS astronaut to capture an impressive dome image that allowed us to see science labs, work areas and beautiful earths, the company could deploy technology and be seen on all platforms. quest.

Street View features a special 360 degree image of different locations and events. instead, Google Maps It provides a location to integrate the location photo of the platform to allow the user to get a better position in the real world.

However, special specials from places other than the earth world can not be found on the map. But Google Maps When the International Space Station searches for "NASA" apps, we have launched a platform to search for business or friends' home addresses.

By allowing navigation in this way like Earth's streets, this application helps Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut who helped to collect images, describe his experience as "helping to describe the senses in space It will be ".

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