Monday , October 3 2022

Juliaca: Legal Medicine Rejects Legal Autopsy | plate


Despite the disposition of the obstetrician officials, an employee of the Forensic Science Institute refused a legal autopsy of the mother’s inactive body, allegedly killed by medical negligence.

Family lawyer Alex Apaza believes that a legal autopsy should be performed to determine the reason for her death because the mother of the Eulalia Mamani Mamani (40) family has allegedly died of medical negligence.

As he said, a woman who left four children in an orphanage reported pain in Aya Viri, who was treated in a private health facility allegedly caused by negligence. Because of her seriousness, she was sent to Carlos Monge Medrano hospital and disappeared there.

They refuse autopsy

According to lawyer Apaja, he said the woman’s inactive body has been in the La Capilla de Juliaca urbanized morgue since last weekend.

The family of an unfortunate woman is embarrassed by this fact, since they do not know where to take the body, and they can perform each test to determine the cause of death.

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