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Kingdom, Netflix and the zombies will come to Season 2? | New episodes of the Zombie series | Korea | TV | series

Kingdom, Season 2 | Netflix He renewed the "Kingdom", one of Korea's first original works, during the second season. Available on streaming platforms from January 25, the series explores the mysterious epidemic of contagion that is transmitted to suicide missions through the story of an inherited prince in the Middle Ages. your country

CEO Netflix, Reed Hastings announced his strategy and content in Singapore several months before the first six episodes began, It will have a second season.

"It's really weird to offer green lighting in the second season of the program before the first program is seen," he confessed.

The author of this series, Kim Eun-hee, "I plan to renew the plan every year," said Kim Sung-hoon, the first pension director of the zombie series. "I can act as an adviser but I will not direct myself." "He added at the Puchon International Film Festival.

He also said he was trying to open the show from 2011. "I was very satisfied with the level of creative freedom we got when we did it. Netflix (…) More blood than spilled, hair cut off or TV fled me. "

"Netflix It gave me more freedom than the Korean companies I have worked with. He gave minimal feedback on the script and did not force him to incorporate his notes.

The only condition for streaming services was that the bishop could not control the budget. However, each episode costs more than $ 1.88 million. "Initially, the" Kingdom "was considered to be a series of eight episodes, and the production was completed in four months, but eventually it took about six months to build and penalized because the budget was overpaid."

"When I started working together NetflixIt appeared in Korea. The industry was not sure how big it would be. Some of them even Netflix) A cup of tea can bring a storm. I think I should not judge him lightly because his presence is too great. "

The character and actor of the prince

  • As Lord Ji Hoon is the Crown Prince
  • As a Seo-bi,
  • Ryu, Seung-ryong
  • Kim Sang Ho
  • Huh Jun-ho
  • Seok Ho Jeon
  • Chu-hoon

Kingdom Creative Team

  • Direction: Kim Sung-hoon
  • Scripts:
  • Executive Productions: Ideal

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