Wednesday , June 7 2023

Lima City Council: planting 2,000 trees next door to Los Olivos | Lima


In cooperation with Lima's municipality through the park service of Serpar, olive Planted 2,000 trees as part of the 'One Life' program of the One Tree One Tree planted since 2015.

For several hours, the Serpur and Los Olivos' seedling aborigines have led neighbors to the placement of other tree species such as Molese Serrano, palm trees, tecomas, and papelillos.

"With this cultivation, Lima is approaching more and more trees by the end of 2018. Thanks to this municipality (Los Olivos) who contributed to environmental protection," Serpar's Edson Tinoco said.

In a statement, the city council explained that 814,662 trees have been planted to date, due to production at local forest nursery schools in Huáscar (Villa El Salvador) and Sinchi Roca areas (Comas) totaling 300,000 It is 100 thousand.

Lima municipalities are encouraging the participation of citizens in the creation of new spaces in green areas and raising awareness of the management and maintenance of these areas.

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