Thursday , March 30 2023

Mario Vargas Llosa | An evasive response to questions about writer Keiko Fujimori [Video]


Nobel Prize in Peruvian literature, Mario Vargas Rosa, He avoided mentioning the political situation of popular army leaders this Friday. Keiko FujimoriHe provides 36 months of preventive detention at the Chorrillos prison in Lima.

In the city of ArequipaWhere the famous writer arrived to attend the hay fever, he was consulted by the media on the arrest of Fujimori Higuchi. "What is your opinion on his preventive detention?" The journalist asked.

"With that question, we will collapse now," the novelist paradoxically struggled to cross the streets of the city because of media arguments.

Other reporters also asked when to declare the complex political situation in Peru. "Soon," Vargas Llosa spoke spirally.

The writer tempted the presidency of the Republic in 1990 but was defeated by a rival. Alberto Fujimori. When Fujimori's automatic voice came out two years later, Vargas Rusa He was a firm critic of Fujimori and did not lose the opportunity to talk about the political situation with his former president in Peru.

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