Friday , August 12 2022

Morrissey must pause the concert after the sudden "invasion" of the stage.


Singer Morrissey had no choice but to end the concert in San Diego this weekend. It was more typical of the chaotic times that led to the rock band that he was currently missing. The Smiths and their 'groupies' were willing to go nearer than their idols.

In fact, a 59-year-old interpreter was playing one of the biggest hits of the disco, such as the solo artist's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" at Copley Symphony Hall in the city, . This scenario allowed several security personnel to escort out of the enclosure.

Despite some subtle thoughts, which the British writer found to be controversial and return to his repertoire after the incident, the organization decided to discontinue the rest of the recital, so the majority of citizens and wise audiences The more I passed, the more disappointed I felt. It is because of the small but important group of barbarians.

In just a few hours, Morrissey's manager, Peter Katsis, decided to post an extensive statement on Facebook's profile to provide additional details about the event, while on the other hand, Uncontrolled behavior was linked to a threat to the musical star's physical integrity.

"No one has tried to punch Morrissey because the fans are not such bad guys, they have been trying to do what they are doing for the past 30 years and tried to get on stage to touch or hold him. Because I've acted aggressively, there's a reason security teams have to work hard to do their jobs, but not everyone is hurt or arrested. "

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