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Peru’s Disney Plus: The Definitive Guide To Using A New Streaming Service Competing With Netflix | Pricing, Catalog, Compatibility | Disney + Latin America


Now is the best opportunity. From now on, Disney+ will start operating in Peru and the rest of Latin America. The catalog is a collection of productions from several filmmakers managed by multinational companies. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, NatGeo And the platform’s proprietary content. From 10 p.m. on November 16, Peru had access to the catalog. The content and app downloads proposed by the company have been activated in various markets.

Here’s what you need to know about the service to learn more about system administration.

How do I subscribe to Disney+?

To access the service Go to the official Disney + website and click “SUBSCRIBE NOW”. Here, the website will request personal information such as your name, payment method and email address. Upon acceptance of the terms, you will receive a confirmation email in the tray. -Just in case, check the SPAM folder to authenticate access.

Is Disney + free?

no. service Disney+ requires a monthly subscription of 25.90 soles in Peru. However, each country adds its own currency exchange. Until November 16th, Disney+ offers 220.90 prepayments per year. Sole-no longer available from November 17th, but saves 18.41 soles per month and up to 89.9 feet in the contract year compared to paying 310.8 without a discount for 12 months.

How is the Disney + interface?

Upon entry, you’ll see a large banner highlighting exclusive content, a box with the best-known brands in the system under this section, a small square with thumbnails, and a screen divided into groups of categories and formats. Navigation is similar on all computers, so you don’t have to learn how to navigate on computers that work with different cursors.

Things change slightly on the phone. There is a bottom bar where you can start, search, download, and access available profiles and settings.

How to create a profile on Disney +?

Disney + Create up to 7 user profiles -Includes minors-Customize your own listings and content Each account supports up to 4 screens that can be viewed simultaneously. -Up to 4 people can view content from different computers at the same time.

How do I access the new and exclusive Disney+ content?

in At the top are shortcuts to Start, Search, Custom Lists, Original Content, Movies and Series. From there, select “Original” and you’ll find all the material created exclusively, such as “The Mandalorian” and other creations only available at Disney+.

In addition, the application allows for additional content provided as an offer, short or documentary, and a section under each content with details of the cast, production synopsis and production aspects such as year, category and genre.

How does Disney + content play?

that much The Disney+ catalog has gone through a healing process. However, each content has its own resolution. The company has confirmed that users can enjoy their content with up to 4K HDR playback and Dolby Atmos 7.1 audio, but not all content will be available at that resolution. The contract plan does not add the following restrictions: Netflix, What It comes in different tiers and only the most expensive ones support 4K.

Are Disney+ series and movies subtitled or dubbed in Spanish?

My content The platform supports 17 languages, Including Spanish for Latin America. It also has a subtitle configuration that allows you to change the size, font color and background. To access the settings, simply click on the box in the upper right corner of the image.

Within the accessibility section Disney+ adds descriptive audio for blind people. Incorporate CC with additional information in conversation subtitles.

What equipment is compatible with Disney +?

The Disney+ compatibility is very broad, so the team currently has no problems accessing it. Also, check this list to make sure your equipment is compatible.

Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Apple TV, Android (Phone and Tablet), Amazon Fire Tablet, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV (Lollipop 5.0 or later) NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Mi Box.

The TV is also compatible with Disney +. Since 2016, Samsung TVs with Tizen OS and LG with Web OS can be downloaded from the application market.

For consoles, you can use the Xbox One or Microsoft’s S and X series, plus the Sony PS 4 and PS5’s Disney+.

If you want to use it on a PC, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari on both Windows and MacOS. Even a Chromebook You can run the platform without problems.

Can I download Disney+ content?

Yes, content You can download it, but you cannot use it as an existing mp4 or avi file. It can be used with an external player, but can only be run by the application.

To see it, you just have to enter your device and click on the downloaded episode. Of course, you can configure the download quality and the location of the internal memory or SD in the settings of the phone app. This is ideal for air travel or when you don’t want to use a data plan while away from home or office.

Files cannot be extracted for use outside the application. Also, like other platforms, you cannot transfer to other devices.

Can two people view the same content at the same time on Disney +?

Yes, you can do it in two ways. Each person “plays” in their own location or uses “Group Watch”, a system that allows you to create real-time viewing spaces for multiple accounts. You can create a “meeting” to watch new episodes in rooms of up to 7 people. Everyone can use emoticons to react to your content.

How to cancel my Disney + subscription?

Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still use the content through an annual payment. Since the payment has already been completed If you prefer a monthly experience or consolidated payments.

Go to in your internet browser and log in. Click Profiles in the top right. Click on Account.

Select a subscription and then cancel the subscription. Click Cancel Done to confirm. And that’s it.

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