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PUBG for PS4: price, release date, news and all information | PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds | Video Games


PlayerUnknown's Battleground It is a popular title for justice. Starting with a small initial access on the platform steam , Revelation for success. Battle Royale. next, Epic Games He also started his own video game this way. Fortnite Free, therefore the war between the two began. Battle Royale I played the most in the world.

Now your competitors have the latest generation consoles PC, PUBG He opposed the wall to expand his title on other platforms. There have been rumors that it could be used on other devices for a long time, but it has recently been confirmed by the same developer.

After debut Xbox, PlayerUnknown's Battleground Will reach Playstation 4 The physical format and the digital format hardly match. This announcement was made through the official account of. PUBG And Playstation Together, it has the greatest impact on your players.

Is it the same game? PC? Will there be more objects to unlock? In this article we will review everything we will bring. PUBG For PS4 , Its launch date, price and all its news.

Release date of PUBG for PS4

Playstation And the same Blue hole From December 7, 2018 PlayerUnknown's Battleground Available in virtual storage. PlayStation Store And if you order from the physical form of the product at most official stores Sony

Some have considered this date too late. Sony, 1 year ago Microsoft I kept the title monopoly. Xbox One In the console world. Currently we have to wait to compare the two versions.

PUBG price for PS4

PUBG Total price $ 30 Approximate physical and digital versions. Prices can range from 110 to 130 soles when considering the exchange rates and some transfer taxes at official rates in Peru.

News of PUBG for PS4 not found on PC or Xbox One

What are the benefits? PUBG In PS4 We can not find PC In Xbox One? First, the obvious: analog control Dual shock It will provide a completely different experience with PC keyboards and mice. Xbox Controller In Microsoft

Until now, all other versions are known to hold without exception with no exceptions. But, Playstation, The company has exclusive elements of its catalog PUBG Differentiate

The reason is that the game is " Predator plate"There will be a gift from Sony that will consist of desert costumes. Nathan Drake Series of Unknown. To make matters worse, those who play before Ellie Backpack In Level 2 Series of Our last.

This aesthetic element will be the first step in the long list of exclusive objects we can find. PUBG For PS4 Not in other versions.

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