Sunday , January 29 2023

Samsung Electronics offers folding screen for tomorrow's smartphone


San Francisco, USA (AFP) –

Technology Maker Samsung On Wednesday, the Korean brand did not advance the commercialization of this technology, but once opened, the tablet could be a screen that can fold the smartphone.

One of the company's managers, Dustin Denison, said in a prototype announcement at the San Francisco conference, "It's a tablet with a big screen in the open, and a phone that fits in your pocket when it closes.

Samsung "The device is" folded and developed to be deployed repeatedly. "" In the coming months, this new type of screen called the "Infinity Flex Display" is "getting closer to mass production," Denison said. "

"The screen sets the foundation for tomorrow's smartphone," he said. However, this group, which manufactures both devices and components, has not announced devices with this folding screen.

In fact, devices with this technology require an operating system and optimized applications.
Samsung Google, which has jointly designed an Android system on Google and Korean mobile devices, has already begun collaborating on Wednesday to optimize its operating system for future devices.

Korean brands have also invited other developers who design applications to change their products to be compatible with future screen type devices.

Finally, SamsungIs a global leader in smartphone sales and has released a new user interface called "One UI" that can be used next year for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. This interface makes it easy to use and most importantly, It is optimized for mobile phones.

The folding screen is seen as the biggest breakthrough in the smartphone industry. I am eagerly awaiting innovative technology that will give the second boost to the market over 10 years since the arrival of the iPhone.

According to professional media, other manufacturers, especially LG and Huawei in Korea, are studying this technology.

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