Thursday , March 30 2023

Scientific studies have found that male contraceptives exist.


Mexico City.- Now, 20 different methods of contraceptionThere are only two things that are designed for male reproductive organs: condom and vasectomy. This may eventually change in the next few years as marketing in pharmacies. Male Pilot DMAU, or Dimendrolone undecanoate, Which will stop sperm production and thus prevent pregnancy.

Two scientists Wolverhampton UniversityHas published a study in the UK that proves the possibility of controlling sperm motility and fertility in 2016. But in the same year, the trial of the first male contraceptive Side Effect Like acne or mood swings, all of them are related to women's medicine and on the other hand.

But now, the new DMAU pill could be a revolution in contraceptive methods. In addition to male condoms, the most widespread nowadays are IUD, vaginal ring, hormone patches, female condoms and of course oral tablets. That Male version Social pressure on women disappears when women are responsible for family planning.

A test performed by the DMAU has been acquired. Very positive result, Some taboos are not much different from the side effects of some women contraception. Men who proposed the study had increased weight and decreased HDA cholesterol. However, they did not affect other organs such as the liver or kidneys.

Before reaching this point, science has attempted a different way of contraception to some successful men. Testosterone injections not only increase muscle mass, but also prevent pregnancy of female partners. Another alternative would be a topical gel to stop sperm production for a while and a gold implant would kill them.

Even unisex pills have been developed. But it is called lupeol, which is not the least interesting but it will be made of ingredients found in fruits such as mangoes, olives or grapes. In any case, scientific development seems to be moving society at the same pace toward the gender equality world. Contraception should not be feminine exclusively.

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