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Tindor must pay for millionaire discrimination – 26/01/2019

Casual meeting platform Tinder has a total of $ 23 million Some 230,000 people filed a class action lawsuit Competition with US companies. By discriminating against users who are more than 30 years old at a higher price, it is due to the resolution of the court announced today.


The lawsuit lodged a claim to "discriminate" users over the age of 29 by charging twice as much in California court cases as in April last year when subscribing to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold payment services . In connection with the free service


Tinder Select Slide "S" to activate the filter.

Located in West Hollywood, California, the company justified the price gap by ensuring that young people and their 20s have lower purchasing power and lower service prices, but the plaintiffs considered age discrimination.


Through the agreement, 230,000 plaintiffs will automatically receive 50 "Super Woods" (a payment option to show a lot of interest in a particular person on the platform), which is equivalent to a $ 50 spend.

Source: EFE

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