Wednesday , February 8 2023

Uber plans to allocate 3 employees for food distribution in Europe | Economy | company


Uber Technologies said it will spend three times as many employees who provide home delivery meals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to gain market share with local competitors such as Deliveroo and Just Eat Plc.

This restaurant, called Uber Eats, has more than 10% of its total food reserves. Uber also says that Rodrigo Arévalo, head of Uber Eats in the Middle East and Europe, is expanding the way users can pay for their meals and create more businesses through their websites instead of applications. Africa (EMEA).

Uber Eats is expected to increase EMEA's staff from 300 to 900 next year, Arévalo said. The driver debuted in London in 2016 and distributes restaurant orders in 200 cities in 20 countries in the region.

The company is looking for ways to attract more users to its Web site to attract competitors, Just Eat's customers. The majority of Uber Eats orders in EMEA are around 84%, and are made through application. According to Just Eat, the number of users requesting a meal via mobile is close to 50% according to company documents.

Extension of Uber Eats is not a problem. At the end of October, London courts assessed whether Uber drivers were truly self-employed. Other companies with similar models, such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo, must also take the same steps if the company is forced to treat drivers with workers who must receive minimum wages and leave.

It was also difficult to cope with numerous payment options across the region. "In Egypt, 94% of financial transactions are made in cash," Arévalo said. "In the Netherlands, 90% of electronic payments are made with iDEAL."

Uber Eats introduces local payment methods for multiple locations. In August, iDEAL, the Dutch e-commerce payment service, was integrated into the application, and users in France were able to pay for prepaid food coupons. This year, cash payments were also allowed in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and South Africa.

Uber Eats and Deliveroo are facing competition for so-called virtual restaurants. The virtual restaurant rents a kitchen space and prepares food for home delivery.

This team without space for diners or waiters appears where the food distribution company expects the demand and sells the meal through the Uber Eats or Deliveroo application.

Deliveroo has more than 400 virtual restaurants on the UK platform. Uber Eats will want a similar number of countries by the end of the year, Arévalo said.

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