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UFC Argentina 2018 freely appearing in FOX sports: Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Neil Magny | Umberto Bandanei | Jesús Pinedo | Schedule, Channel Guide, Signage, TV Streaming, UFC Fight Night


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Ian Heinisch won Cezar Ferreira from the referee card.

The final round just after finishing and Heinisch did not win in a few seconds.

Pereira bleeds, sends a complicated minute.

Leave Ferreira at the edge of K.O. with Heinisch's coupling coupling.

Heinisch tries to find the blow and moves on.

The servant is against the bar.

– Third and final round. Pereira guesses.

Heinecik has power and leaves Pereira on the canvas, but the round ends.

Pereira tries to attack the other's body.

Heinisch is pressing, but seems to be injured by his left hand.

– Round two: Pereira finds a kick but is very high.

At the end of the first round, Heinisch controls the battle.

Heinisch tries to kick, but Ferreira sends him to the canvas.

Pereira waits for the attack to begin at the appropriate moment.

The fight begins and Ferreira studies rival.

Now a fight between Cezar Ferreira and Ian Heinisch appears.

Cannetti gestures of Vera after the victory.

Chito Vera wins by submitting to Cannetti.

Cannetti endures as he can, and Vera makes him breathe.

Vera attacked with a huge knee, but K.O.

Vera's high kick in the face, but it was stuck.

The end of the first round Cannetti started.

Cannetti hitting her feet while her rivals are on her back on the canvas.

Vera is trying to overcome the embrace of rivals.

Cannetti and Vera's striking blows felt good.

Cannetti tried to attack the opponent's torso, but Vera put him on top and tapped him.

Research fights, fighters already under development.

Now start your fight between Cannetti vs. Chito Vera.

Cynthia Calvillo won Poliana Botelho by submitting with an important murder lion.

Calvilla looking for a lion.

Calvillo avoids attempts by Botelho.

Exchange of blows, both keep their distance.

– The next fight is ready: Cynthia Calvillo vs. Poliana Botelho.

Michel Prazeres submits and defeats Bartosz Fabinski.

Michel Prazeres combines their strengths with their rivals and sends them to the canvas. The attack continues on the canvas.

Start fighting, all out.

– now : Bartolz Pavinski vs. Michel Plazeres

Alexandre Pantoja wins the key to victory to kill the lion of Ulka Sasaki.

Start the Sasaki fight very quickly.

– now : Aleksandr Pan Tozai vs. Ulca Sasaki

– Final: Umberto Bandanei, Peru president, unanimously lost Austin Arnett (US) decision.

Bandenay had two hits on his face and K.O.

Arnett has Bandenay on the canvas.

Arnett's kick on the body, but he almost loses his balance.

As Arnett takes the lead, his rivals seem tired.

– Third and final round: Arnett looks for a spin kick but no result.

The second round ends. Vandanei eventually gets complicated.

Arnett is looking for a surrender key, but is illegally leaning on the bar.

Arnett is a wasteland and will not let Bandenay attack him.

Bandenay connects a good kick in the air. Great exercise

– Second round: Arnett starts well this time with speed and dull hit.

At the end of the first round, Vandena takes him.

Arnett felt and Bandenay tried to surrender but failed.

Bandenay controls the stock but is still not accurate.

He left Bandenay, but Arnett's rights also appear.

Bandenay tries a kick but his rival goes well.

– Fourth Fighting: Humberto Bandenay, The Peruvian president is facing Austin Arnett (USA).

Laureano Staropoli commemorated his Argentina after a unanimous win over Héctor Aldana (Mex).

Staropoli has a continuing right, but Aldana does not fall.

There is a great fight from the start, but the strength drops.

Staropoli connects the left foot and the kick but does not get the desired result.

Stay right on Aldana Street.

– Round three: Staropoli continues the initiative and connects on the right.

Staropoli is well connected and the assault is over.

Staropoli left and right, Aldana continues to have extensive bleeding.

Staropoli looks for powerful shots, including turns.

With the fight back, Aldana tries to maintain his street and counterattack.

– Round two: Once again, Aldana's wounds cause him to be paralyzed.

At the end of the first round, the great battle they are leading is over.

Staropoli makes a public kick but loses balance. But get up quickly.

Aldana (Mex) lasts but connects the opponent repeatedly.

Left eye Aldana court. The fight stops for a moment.

Fierce fighting: Staropoli connects several blows to the left and right and then to the kick. Aldana has a wound.

The action begins and Aldana does not seem to wait long enough to win.

-TERCERA FIGHTS: Laureano Staropoli vs. Aldana

Jesús Pinedo retires after a victory in UFC Argentina.

Peru's representative Jesus Pinedo was unanimous decision by Devin Powell (US)

A direct blow between the two. Steady exchanges, Powell and some acceleration.

Pinedo grabs Powell's leg and sends it back to the canvas. Americans wait like in the whole fight.

– Round three: Powell is looking for a blow but ignores his armor.

– Pinedo He finishes the round at Powell and hits a quick hit.

Powell is hiding in his lap, but Pinedo is well blocked.

Exchange of fireworks in the center.

– Round Round: Powell tried to take the lead in the second round.

Powell takes a big blow to the left, but Pinedo knocks him down and attacks his opponent.

I have a double kick from Pinedo, but Powell is not a big blow to falling.

Powell makes three knees, but Pinedo is fine.

Powell back on the canvas, but Pinedo does not approach him. Kick kick.

Pinedo has a rival on the floor, but be careful when approaching.

Begin the fight, both are studied in their movement.

– Second fight: Devin Powell works with Peruvian Jesús Pinedo.

Peruvian President Jesus, Patients, is now ready to fight.

Nad Narimani wins against Anderson Dos Santos in the first fight.

The battle is over with Nari Mani dominating.

Both players hurt their faces and take a certain hit.

Round three: Anderson's guillotine, but he can not win a victory over Narimani.

The second round is over and the two are very beaten.

Narimanni climbs on his rival and can not raise him. Both exchange blows.

Anderson is trying to stop the blow to his face.

He finished the first round and all chips indicate that Narimani took him.

Narimani takes control of the starting game.

Start: Nad Narimani faces Anderson Dos Santos in a featherweight fight.

Twitter Live – UFC Argentina


UFC Argentina has two Peruvian fighters on Saturday, November 17 (7 pm – 3 pm – 9 pm – Argentina time / live on FOX sports channel) at the Métierran de Wiese Stadium Octagon in Buenos Aires City. Humbarovandanei And Jesus PinsWhen he meets Austin Arnett and Devin Powell, he will take a big step in his dream. Star combat consists of: Santiago Pontic Nibbios And Neil Mann.

Claudio Puelles After the injury, Jesus Pinedo will fight in place of the children and experience the American Devin Powell (record: 9 wins and 3 wins), 30 years (70.3 kg) in games agreed by the lightweight division, of UFC. Pinedo, known as "Mudo", has signed four bout deals with Dana White's company and wants to make the most of his opportunity in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world. UFC Argentina. His fight is the second in qualifying and is scheduled for 7:30 pm. (Peru time). The transmission will be responsible. Fox Sports And streaming services UFC Fight Pass. You can also see the results through the scope of the portal.

Halberto Bandenay wants to reclaim his smile in May with a mistake made in May with Gabriel Benítez of Mexico. Before the defeat, martial arts Muay Thai experts were surprised at their debut as they recorded 14 victories and 5 defeats in overall MMA. UFC Martín Bravo in 26 seconds (KO, High Kick). Now, hoping to dissolve 2018 by winning over Austin Arnett (15 wins 3 losses) for the featherweight category (65.8 kg) in one of the major fights of the reserve poster. His battle will take place around 8:30 pm. (Peru time) broadcast will be responsible for FOX sports.

Peru Enrique 'El Fuerte' Barzola UFC Argentina Because of injuries. Sergio Giglio is also not yet attending the cause that the organization has not revealed.

UFC Argentina Country Schedule, Country 2018: PONZINIBBIO VS. Neil Meni

Peru: 7 pm.
Colombia: 7 pm.
Argentina: 9 pm
Mexico: 6 pm
Spain: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
Spain (Canary Islands): 12:00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
Uruguay: 9 pm.
Chile: 9 pm.
Paraguay: 9 pm.
Costa Rica: 6 pm.
Brazil: 10 pm (Sunday 4 November)
Ecuador: 7 pm.
USA (Los Angeles): 9.00 p.m.
United States (Texas): 7 pm.
USA (New York): 8 pm
United Kingdom: 12:00 am (Sunday, November 4)
Italy: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
France: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
Portugal: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
Germany: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)
Netherlands: 1.00 a.m. (Sunday, November 4)

UFC Argentina TV Channel Guide: PONZINIBBIO VS. Neil Meni

Peru: FOX Sports (Qualification and Excellence)
Brazil: Combat
Bolivia: FOX Sports (Spare and Star)
Chile: FOX Sports (qualifying and excellent)
US: Fox Sports and FS1
Mexico: Channel 5 and the Fighting Sports Network
Nicaragua: Viva Nicaragua and Fox Sports (qualifiers and stars)
Panama: TV Max and Fox Sports (qualifying and excellent)
Paraguay: Telefuturo (delayed), Multichannel (live), Tigo Sports (abstract), FOX Sports (preliminary and star)
Uruguay: Channel 10 and FOX Sports (qualifying and excellent)
Venezuela: Meridiano Television and Fox Sports (Spare and Star)
Honduras: Teleprogreso and FOX Sports (qualification and excellent)
Colombia: Win Sports and FOX Sports (preliminary and excellent)


Russia: Russia-2, match with TV
Spain: PPV and Goal (Delayed)
UK: BT Sport 1 and BT Sport App on your mobile.

UFC Argentina

UFC Argentina PONZINIBBIO VS. NEIL MAGNY: Star Card Holder – Basic Card (FOX SPORTS 1)

Welter Weight: Santiago Pontic Nibbios versus Neil Mann
Featherweight: Ricardo Lamar vs. Darren Elkins
Light Weight: Khalil Rountree Jr. Johnnie Walker
Medium Weight: Cezar Ferreira vs. Ian Heinish
Gallo Weight: Guido Cannetti vs. Malon Vera
Straw Weight: Cynthia Calvillo vs. Polyana Botero


Welterweight: vs. Michelle Prazeres. Bartos Pavinski
Flyweight: Alexandre Fang Tozai vs. Ulca Sasaki
Featherweight: Umberto Bandanei Austin Arnett (8:30 pm)
Welterweight: Lauterano vs. Staropoli. Hector Aldana


Lightweight: Devin Powell Jesus Pins (7.30PM)
Featherweight: Nad Narimani vs. Anderson Dos Santos

UFC Argentina PONZINIBBIO VS. NEIL MAGNY: FOX Sports – Preliminary and Stellar

Start at 4:30 pm (Peru time)

Movistar: Channel 501
DirecTV: Channel 604
Claro TV: Channel 61

UFC Argentina PONZINIBBIO VS. NEIL MAGNY: FOX Sports HD – Preliminaries and Stellar

Movistar HD: Channel 744
DirecTV HD: Channel 1604
Claro TV HD: Channel 517

UFC 2018: Argentina Special Channel

Cable vision

Channel 25 (analog)
Channel 106 (Digital / HD)


Channel 17 (analog)
Channel 101 (Digital)
Channel 1013 (HD)

Super Channel

Channel 19 (analog)
Channel 101 (HD)

Movistar Channel 204 (HD)

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