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Vascular resection without scalpel does not reduce sexual desire | health

this Vasectomy Without a scalpel, it is one of the most effective contraceptives that do not affect sexual desire, erection, ejaculation, masculinity, for the rapid recovery of the patient.

This is what Appardo Peña, a family planning doctor at Inppares, said, unlike conventional ones, sclerectomy without scalpel allows you to resume work the same day as soon as you do not make physical effort.

"After one week he can resume sexual life, physical activity and sports," Pena said.

He explained that semen is composed of 60% of the fluid coming out of the seminal vesicles and the other 40% consists of fluid coming out of the prostate gland, so the ejaculation ability is maintained.

"So the pleasures of ejaculation, orgasm and everything else remain the same as before," he claimed.

However, he said that patients should wait 3 months (life of sperm) before undergoing laboratory tests to see if the contraceptive quality of vaginal vasectomy is effective.

"So it's a good idea not to have sex after surgery. If so, let's consider another method of contraception."


Peña explained that she uses two forceps to perform a scalpel-less vasectomy. One of the testes's vas deferens is facilitated, and the other clamp is made with a small incision in the skin up to the front of the duct.

"The only thing we do is grab the duct, take it outside, tie one side, tie the other and cut the middle part," he said.

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