Thursday , March 30 2023

YouTube: Karol G: Reglet Graer is abstained from sabotage in Peru. Video | Show


A few days ago, Karol G and Leslie Grace were announced as the central artists of the halloween event organized on local radio at the shopping center Esplanade in Lima. But after the accident at the show, social network fans questioned the concert.

Despite the ban on cyber ridicule, Leslie Grace posted a video that apologized to her followers on her account. Instagram, Where he posted a message for Regatto Nera in the opinion of his followers. Over the years, American singers talked about the "Elthara sofa" program. Telemundo To find out what kind of competition Karol G

In the preview of the interview, you can see that Leslie Grace can say that there is no competition with Karol G, as has been superseded by social networks since failing the show.

"The interpreter said" hard and tender "to talk about" no problem, clear explanation, old friends ". Telemundo.

The young woman did not want to talk directly about what happened in our country, but the fans are taking a different position from what happened. On the channel YouTube In the international chain, you can see how users remember what happened in Lima.

"Leslie is calm and does not like people's problems, but I had a bad belief in Peru's Karol G and watched a presentation video," said one user.

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