Tuesday , May 30 2023

2019 Honda Civic Still Missing a Piece of the Puzzle – NSEAVoice



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We have already seen the new Honda Civic and other variants following the standard Civic. There is a Honda Civic Type R to come to satisfy speed-addicts. And for those who are looking for something more practical than anything else, there is Honda Civic SI.

While Honda may seem to be dealing with all grounds, they have not. Civic fans are still waiting for Honda to unveil the Honda Civic Si hatchback model. According to the report, the vehicle will try to announce it next year.

The bodywork style is believed to be the only major update the vehicle can get. Other functions, such as engine, must remain the same. Spy shots of the Civic Si hatchback showed that the vehicle would look very close to the Type R with shortening of the back.

More details will be revealed when we look at it at LA Auto Show later this month.

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