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Aftershokz Aeropex reviews: best outdoor headphones

You should be able to hear what happens when you ride your bicycle or around you. There is no discomfort to motorists, but they share the road every day. However, the mortality rate is too high for cyclists. You should protect yourself with all possible tools. I also do not have to share what I am listening to with others in the world. I have achieved this goal for a long time using bone conduction headphones. With these headphones, you can listen to my favorite podcasts without losing the ability to listen to me at a reasonable distance.

If you asked me which headphones I used for outdoor use a few weeks ago, I explained in detail the reasons why I prefer Aftershokz bone conduction headphones. Bone conduction, by design, involves vibrations that are bulky and prone to skin. They were weatherproof enough to survive, but not enough for those in need. If you are excited by bass, you can see that there are no bone conduction headphones.

It was then. This is now.

Aeropex was sent to me two weeks ago by Aftershokz's latest bone conduction headphones. Since then, I basically did not stop the mouth. Because I do not need to do it. This headphone no longer feels like a compromise. They feel like a cool headphone they want to wear anywhere.

Greater bone conduction

Aftershokz Aeropex

Keep your ears free and keep the sound flowing.

Aftershokz already exists. that much We named the quality bone conduction headphones, but Aeropex recognized the quality and installed the headphones on the same shelf as other wireless headphones under $ 200.


  • All day comfort
  • Weed pad vibration
  • Prepare Google Assistant
  • Robust battery life
  • Improved audio quality


  • The power button is slightly blurry.
  • "Smart" helper is not as useful as a fast fair.
  • Configurable buttons are required.

Aftershokz Aeropex What i like

Out of the box, these headphones are obviously Aftershokz. A wraparound design with a pair of speaker pads wrapping around your ears with a thick battery section behind your ear is basically symbolic at this point if you follow the bone conduction headphones (all is normal).

However, unlike Trekz Air and Trekz Titanium headphones, Aeropex is very flexible everywhere. You can lean back on the chair. For example, you can bend your headphones without putting the bone conduction pad in place. Repeated a few times to get this right, but with the Aeropex, Aftershokz people finally nailed it.

The overall sound quality improvement is highly appreciated.

Hoping to find a Micro-USB or USB-C cable in the box, we went fishing in the box and instead found a strange monopoly. In this generation, Aftershokz is going magnetically for a charger. When you place it on the pad, the magnet is clicked and the charge light on the headphones turns on. It can not be easier, and if someone like me can put the cable in about a week. Do not worry. Aftershokz includes a second cable in the box! It can be stored on a desk or in a small carrying case included in the box. This is the way you need to provide an exclusive charger. In addition, this magnetic switch allows Aeropex to be water resistant up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. I have jumped from two pools with mines for the past two weeks. And it works just as advertised.

However, Aeropex's main event is improving sound quality. Unlike previous products, Aeropex spreads pelvic conduction throughout the entire paddle across the pad. There is no separate piece protruding for connection. Instead, this headphone is better than hugging your head. As a result, the conductive surface spreads much more. This means that more skulls absorb sound. This means that Aeropex can do more to provide better quality.

The result is crisp high and midrange and the actual bass is delivered to your ears. Now, do not get me wrong, this is not the bass I think dubstep fam is enough to get their jam. That's not right. swallow Unlike other bone conduction headsets that have bass, the bass does not turn into a completely broken or uncomfortable vibration. This alone brings this headphone up one level for me, but the overall improvement is louder. Customers who own older Aftershokz products will immediately recognize the quality improvement, but more importantly, those who enjoy normal headphones will not feel a serious downgrade. Bone conduction will not have the same transparency as when you stick to your ears or cover your ears. However, the sound of Aeropex has reduced the amount of hedging previously used to explain this technology to people.

This headphone is clearly smaller than the previous cousin, but the battery life is significantly improved. We could kill the original Trekz Titanium headphones in about four hours on the bike, but the Trekz Titanium was better, but we could not spend the whole day traveling. Aeropex requires and provides 8 hours of continuous use. In fact, it is difficult to drain them for all-day use. Given the size is unbelievable.

When you include a change in comfort, I have kept these headphones until the end of the day because you can put the headphones first in the morning and many times.

This is not the most important feature in the world, but you can access Google Assistant by holding down the activity button on the side of the headphones. I wish I could have another album to listen to, but I am not really looking for full assistant access. This headphone lets you answer a message, for example, without notifying you when you receive a notification, but it's a very convenient feature that you can access whenever you need it. Especially if you are faster than you probably should be on your bike and your phone is in your rear uniform pocket.

Aftershokz Aeropex: What i hate

Like the previous product, Aeropex has three buttons on the body. There are action buttons and volume lockers such as Play / Pause and Assistant. The volume up key is also a power button, so press and hold to quickly change volume instead of long press. This volume key on Aeroflex has a slightly pointed side. Actually turning the headset on and off requires more power and concentration than I want. It's not a huge deal, but it's much harder to create some kind of muscle memory depending on my needs.

Bone conduction headphones are compromised by design.

Action buttons are just like most headphones … it's okay. Play / Pause as if it did. You can skip songs and import Google assistants into other key combinations if needed, but like most Bluetooth headphones, you can not control what this combo is. One of the options when not listening to music is to redial to the last number you dialed from my phone. When you double-tap the action button, the last called number is dialed. I can not stress how I did not want to use this feature, but I do not know how often I accidentally triggered it. I am convinced that this feature is useful to someone, but someone is not mine, and the ability to edit what these buttons do is awesome.

Instead of smarter buttons, Aeropex is a "smart" tide that helps the pairing process. Aftershokz calls this system Audrey, is a great system and does not walk the Google Assistant path, but it is a bit basic. The first time you turn on Aeropex, you have a familiar voice that guides you through the pairing process on your phone. It's a familiar system, and it does not need help, but it will help a lot of people. It is also readily available in many languages ​​and cycling through language is a great way to use as many people as possible in the breeze.

However, I am using it, and I can not help but think that using Google's Android fast-paced technology would have reduced this confusion. I know that Aftershokz is providing services not only to Android users but also to headphones, but adding this feature will actually help a great headset already.

Aftershokz Aeropex: Would you buy it? Not at all

Bone conduction headphones are compromised by design. I am fully capable of impressing myself so that I can demonstrate my ability to listen to the world around me. When I sit at the desk, I want a big cup in my head and I want to disappear into a decent album while I work.

5 out of 5

But when you're not wearing headphones, you are already compromising to some degree. Unlike the previous generation, Aeropex does not need to compromise any more than a wireless earbud set. I am not holding on to these because I want to feel safe anymore. I am really catching them because I enjoy them all around. And at $ 160, I can do it without feeling like emptying my wallet.

Greater bone conduction

Aftershokz Aeropex

Keep your ears free and keep the sound flowing.

Aftershokz already exists. that much We named the quality bone conduction headphones, but Aeropex recognized the quality and installed the headphones on the same shelf as other wireless headphones under $ 200.

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