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Dutch missions to Mars are bankrupt, but there is still life in "basics"


Life on Mars? Picture Mars One / Brian Versteeg

The company, following the Dutch plan to set up a colony on Mars, was found to be fraudulent and bankrupt.

Mars One Ventures was declared bankrupt last month, the financial part of the project, which was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through reverse takeover in 2016.

The company has embarked on headlines around the world due to its plan to colonize Mars, funded in part through reality shows and merchandising.

However, a crack broke out in 2015 when one of the finalists in the project finalized the website Matter, the main competitor for missionaries, moving to that position.

In addition, Nobel laureate Gerard Hooft has earned a reputation as an advisor to the project website and said it will take 100 years to launch the manned missions on Mars, not just 10.


The company said in a short web site statement that it is working with investors to find a solution to the current bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy involves only Mars One Ventures AG and does not affect the financial standing of the Mars One Foundation, which is the driving force of its mission.

The Hwaseong Foundation is constantly striving to secure funding for the next stage of granting the duties directly through listed companies or directly to the Foundation.


Announced in 2018 that it will sign a contract with Swiss investment company Phoenix to invest up to 12 million euros in the project.

"Cars One has a very innovative business model that combines branding and media rights with the theme of space exploration," said Oscar Christian, CEO.

It is not clear whether the current state of the negotiations is opaque or whether Phoenix is ​​the investor referred to in this statement. It was free for 12 years, but now we are asking our readers for help. Your contribution will continue to provide fair and accurate news and features about the Dutch language.
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